The Art of Annette Zimmerman


Appalachian Artist from East Tennessee

restored rail depot rendered in graphite on Bristol board
The Chuckey Depot is a restored train museum in Jonesborough, Tennessee

My name is Annette Zimmerman, aka Anni Z, and I love creating. Whether it’s dabbling with a paintbrush, scribbling with a marker or scratching with a dip pen, I never seem to lose the thrill of making marks.

Join me in exploring the world around us with paint, pencil and pen, with an occasional foray into fiber art, cooking and other forms of artistic expression. Creativity is limited only by the imagination!

I live in the foothills of the Appalachians, where the stoic granite and verdant forests sing ancient ballads under cerulean skies. Here, surrounded by beauty, inspiration is limitless.

Latest Posts

  • Time for a studio makeover!

    Time for a studio makeover!

    I FINALLY made the decision to repaint my studio! Honestly, it was the hardest decision of the project. Once I’d made up my mind that it was okay for me to keep the space as my own as long as I wanted, I no longer felt like I was “making do” with the space. It opened up all kinds of possibilities.

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  • Update 1: The Faith Project

    Update 1: The Faith Project

    Here’s my first update for The Faith Project! I’ve reached the end of the Ideation and Evaluation stages of the project and am ready to begin creating the “prototypes”, i.e. sketch thumbnails and story outlines. In the update video, I show you a brainstorming diagram that I used to generate ideas, but there’s been a […]

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  • Announcing my new project: an art exhibit about Faith

    Announcing my new project: an art exhibit about Faith

    Imagine walking into a quiet, darkened room. You see empty picture frames on the walls, and as you approach the first frame, an artwork is illuminated within it. You hear a story begin, not a story about the picture itself, but a story that gets you thinking while you look at the picture. The story […]

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