Announcing my new project: an art exhibit about Faith

Imagine walking into a quiet, darkened room. You see empty picture frames on the walls, and as you approach the first frame, an artwork is illuminated within it. You hear a story begin, not a story about the picture itself, but a story that gets you thinking while you look at the picture. The story begins by pulling you back in time to a place where people didn’t have a written language. It’s cold and dark and the people are hungry. It seems like the world will never be full of light and warmth again. But somehow they believed all was not lost. Some day, they said, the berries would grow and food would be plentiful. The sun would continue to rise.

They had faith. 

What was that like? Have you ever experienced the same thing? As you move through the exhibit, see the pictures and hear the stories, you are reminded of times in your own life when you had faith, or of times when you didn’t have faith and wondered about the faith of others. And perhaps you realize things you’ve never thought of before. You see pictures of sons going to war alongside pictures of children hoping for Santa Claus to arrive and parishioners dreaming of what comes after death. You start to wonder. Is any of this faith? What exactly is faith? Do we need it? Why do we have it? What would life be like if we didn’t have it?

This is what I envision for The Faith Project. It’s just begun and I anticipate it will take 12 to 18 months to complete. It’s purpose is to explore the meaning of faith as it pertains to all aspects of life. 

My goal is to capture the progress of the project in various stages from planning through completion and to share this through videos and posts. I hope that sharing the details of how this work is created will inspire you in your own work.

In order to help fund this ambitious project, I’ve started a Ko-Fi page here. Please consider donating, either once or with a monthly contribution, to help support this project. I’m excited to share this with you and look forward to hearing your comments!

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