Playing Around With Graphite

Heya Creatives! Living an artist’s life means finding ways to be resourceful, especially when making art. I can’t think of a single art medium that is

  • less expensive
  • easier to use
  • or more available

than graphite!

This week’s new video is about using graphite: pencils, sticks, powder, water soluble, and tinted! In fact, I got so carried away with showing off different graphite products that I completely lost track of the time and had to split the video into two parts.

Part 1 is all about regular graphite, and will be especially helpful to creatives who are new to the medium and haven’t played around with some of the products.

Part 2 is a graphite drawing demonstration and a short summary of water soluble graphite products.

Both videos are now available on my YouTube channel: Graphite Drawing: Easy, Cheap and Resourceful.

And, as always, the YouTube video schedule is up on my Ko-Fi page if you’d like to see what else is coming up!

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