Storytelling in your art: Drawing a hike

I’ve just posted the first video of a four-part series on the YouTube channel about how to use historic Chinese-style compositional techniques to make your hike (or a walk or any journey, really) into a story. You can find it here.

  • pencil
  • sketchbook or practice paper
  • 11 x 15 inch piece of drawing paper OR tracing paper (I used this)

Don’t forget to post your own drawings on Instagram using the hashtag #storytellingmyart

Part 2 (to be posted on 24 Jan) will include markmaking practice and tips for transferring the drawing made in this video onto watercolor paper using India ink and a brush.

Supply list for Part 2:

  • India ink (I like this one)
  • containers for diluted ink
  • water
  • small brush (I use the smallest one in this set but a script liner should work equally well
  • 11 x 15 inch piece of coldpress watercolor paper (I use Arches 140lb, buy it here)
  • your drawing from Part 1
  • a light box or projector (if you don’t have one, you’ll have to use a pencil and a well-lit window, then trace the pencil with the brush and ink)

In Part 3 (February), we’ll take a look at the paints used in historical blue-green paintings, then use our own modern watercolors to achieve a similar effect on our own painting.

Supply list:

  • Watercolor paints: I use Turner Deep Indigo (PB29/PB15/PG7/PY3), Daniel Smith Viridian (PG18), Daniel Smith Fuschsite Genuine (there’s really no substitute for this) and Winsor & Newton Burnt Sienna (PR101) (I buy these at Blick)
  • Palette with deep wells
  • Chinese-style medium brush (in the set listed in Part 1) or watercolor brushes you feel comfortable with
  • water and watercolor painting miscellaneous supplies (toweling, etc.)

Finally, in Part 4 (February) we’ll use technical pens to add details to our painting and complete the drawing of a hike.

Supply list:

  • Pigma micron, Uni, or similar black pens in various sizes (they must be able to handle coldpressed watercolor paper, my faves are these and these)
  • If you’re feeling adventurous, a nib pen and India ink
  • Uni-ball gold pen or similar

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