Unraveled Wednesday…a bit late

It was a chemo week, what can I say, everything goes slower for me during chemo week so better late than never. To top off my jaunts to and from oncology, I had to get my booster vaccine, which put me in bed for two days….sigh. And all of that followed the fun of going through an illness (I’ll not mention which one) the week before, which ended up being a cake walk compared to the booster vaccine.

Anyway…it’s Sunday evening and I’m just now starting to feel like myself again and thankfully didn’t have any time in bed today. I even managed to get outside for a short walk in the sunshine. But I’m not even going to try to write about creativity this week, instead, I’ll just stick to current knitting and books. In a couple of days I’ll have more energy and can write up something better.

In the meantime, I’m very happy to say…

Ta da!

My hat is finished! Yay!

The ribbing is a little loose, but I figure it’s because my hair is so thin now, it should fit better once my hair starts growing back. I like how the pattern turned out, although I had to change to regular seed stitch when it came time to do the decreases. It was too complicated to figure out how to maintain the knit/purl pattern sequence through decrease rows.

On another note, my son has requested a warm sweater. I gave him three choices of yarn, and the final pick was more Pacific Color Wave, this time in Forest Green:

I’ve decided to use an old pattern that I’ve used before from this Leisure Arts book. It’s pretty simple and I’ve made four sweaters from it, so I’m hoping to get through it quickly since I am really tickled with the gnomes at Imagined Landscape that Kat is knitting and want to try to knit one myself.

As for this week’s book, I’m still reading through “Belonging”, it’s slow going now, I’m not liking it as much any more, so I’m alternating that with the next book in the Bloody Jack series, “Rapture of the Deep”. I love these L.A. Meyer books and haven’t been so entertained since I read the Harry Potter series.

Why didn’t we have books like these when I was growing up?!

Linking up to Kat’s blog now. It’s time to go knit a green sweater swatch 😉

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