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  • Time for a studio makeover!

    Time for a studio makeover!

    I FINALLY made the decision to repaint my studio! Honestly, it was the hardest decision of the project. Once I’d made up my mind that it was okay for me to keep the space as my own as long as I wanted, I no longer felt like I was “making do” with the space. It opened up all kinds of possibilities.

  • Doodling for Focus and Inspiration

    Doodling for Focus and Inspiration

    In conjunction with my last post, I thought I’d share a fun way that I use sometimes to get out of the “expectation” mode and into the “focus” mode. There are just some days when I want to make something but have no idea what to draw or paint. Those are the days when I […]

  • Walking Makes You More Creative

    Walking Makes You More Creative

    An Adobe study discovered that people identified more good ideas than bad while walking, and that a residual effect from the walking session gave them more and better ideas while sitting than the control group of all-sitters.