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  • Inktober is Here!

    Inktober is Here!

    For anyone who’s interested in using the Elegant Writer for tangles, here are a couple of tips: don’t try it on a small paper that has lots of linework, and do use a lot of gold on it. Oh, and yes, salt does work on it in a similar way as regular watercolor, only it brings up a brown color that adds to the jades and pinks you get with the water application.

  • Doodling for Focus and Inspiration

    Doodling for Focus and Inspiration

    In conjunction with my last post, I thought I’d share a fun way that I use sometimes to get out of the “expectation” mode and into the “focus” mode. There are just some days when I want to make something but have no idea what to draw or paint. Those are the days when I […]

  • How Cocooning Helps My Practice

    How Cocooning Helps My Practice

    Cocooning is needed by creatives, but I think it’s seldom considered a beneficial part of art practice. The brain needs time to mash up ideas subconsciously, time to percolate various experiences and thoughts in order to generate new ideas. Winter seems to be a natural season for this: a time for the brain to marinate all its juicy creative mish-mash